The most awaited blog post and video, I have always wanted to film and write was all about my engagement. When I was younger I always thought that at 25 I would have everything - a Husband, Home and kids. Then reality is here and I've only just got engaged at 26, looking for the perfect home to eventually start a family and planning a wedding and above all of that working my ass off with a full time job, and brining my passion for writing and filming videos back to life.

I gotta tell you, It's not easy juggling so much stuff. I have a lot of work to do which involves getting in my perfect shape for both my wedding and for myself but also find my happy place which is again a whole another video which I have yet to film.

Since I go off topic way too much when I write, I'm going to cut it short and just say that at the age of 26 on Tuesday 17th April 2018 - I got engaged. Ryan chose the most beautiful ring I could have ever imagined I would have and we've booked the venue, the church and still have a lot more things to finish and finalise but I thought I would just film a video about it as I have a memory of a gold fish and let's just say this was a special video for me on my channel to film and also one I will cherish.

I  hope you enjoy the story behind how we got engaged - the reality of how some do get engaged which isn't all that I thought my fairy tale engagement would have been but to be honest - it was just as perfect if not better. Press Play