The most anxious moment in my life, was getting my makeup done professionally by another makeup artist. Not going to lie, I am such a weirdo when it comes to certain things especially makeup. 

For my sister’s wedding we hired a very good friend of mine to do us all and I’m so please Karl did, he did a splendid job on all of us! He understood me so well, my eyebrows and contour well - I like them a certain way and you can imagine we stopped and changed and darkened the contour so much it was hilarious!

The Number one thing for me is bacteria and makeup brushes. Something i see very often is no Makeup Brush Spray especially in between clients - urgh it gets me every time and for some reason no one uses the bacteria spray I have to spray on every product after each client.. Yes, I am a germ freak - Probably why I do not do makeup on clients much anymore is because I just don’t have the time or the resources anymore.

Makeup Artist to Makeup Artist, Do you let anyone apply makeup to your face or is it a no go?