I can’t believe I’m doing this series, but in honest truth, I forced myself to film these weekly studio vlogs. You may ask why? simple, MOTIVATION - I don’t want to slack off or waste a simple hour when I could be doing so much with just one hour.

As of last month JULY 2019, I made it super dooper official, HER LITTLE PAPERIE is mine, all mine (even though it was before but it’s officially my part time job and i’m the owner and feels sooooooo great. Seeing it on an official paper (even though the post man was insane and bent and squashed it in the postbox) was a great accomplishment and that i’m serious about this little once a hobby now more.

I thought I’d post my first three Vlog Videos here and i’ll post more each week when they go up as from next week. It’s funny but growing up, I’ve always seen family own their own companies and their own businesses so it was like something we all had. Both my Grandma (mum’s mum) and Nanna (dad’s mum) had/has creative skills. I think that’s where both my sister and I picked it up from.

My Sister Sarah owns a Jewellery Online Shop, and myself Stationery. I was always the girl who would like forever in stationery shops. Design was something I picked up on my own and downloaded Photoshop at the age of 13 and self-taught myself.

These past 3 weeks include me packing orders, being back to work at my full time job & also unboxing my new iPad, Accessories for my iPad & Cake Toppers and designing new inserts. Motivation is key, so even filming a couple of minutes every now and again motivates me to do more and push myself to getting more things done.

All I can say, if you have a dream, don’t dream - make it happen and push yourself.
Make sure you check out the video below which is a videos on what I mentioned here - Press Play