To my surprise, I received a lovely PR package from Pixi Beauty wrapped in a mint cardboard box the colour of mint chocolate ice cream (yes, i’m a little hungry whilst I write this). 

This massive Orange Blossom and Zesty Grapefruit Scented “vitamin container” is filled with FIVE (5) Skintreats Vitamin-C Products from PIXI Beauty. Their Daily Dose of Skin Brightening as they say. They also claim that they are for ALL SKIN TYPES, Paraben-Free, Vegan, Gluten-Free and Phthalate-Free.

It’s so exciting, seeing what lengths Brands will go to give us that WOW Factor when it comes to products. To be very honest with you, I am very new to Pixi Beauty Skincare. I have never tried them before so I’m really excited to be trying out a new regime and will be reviewing them individually. 

In this collection there are FIVE (5) products and they also guide you on which product you use first.

  1. Brighten & Cleanse using the refreshing Vitamin-C Juice Cleanser
  2. Tone & Energize with Balancing Vitamin-C Tonic
  3. Treat & Protect using the Illuminating Vitamin-C Serum
  4. Moisturize & Energize using the hydrating Vitamin-C Lotion
  5. Boost & Nourish using the Indulgent Vitamin-C Caviar Balm

This regime can be used Morning and Night, which for me is a plus - I may use less product in the morning and more of a routine in the evenings. I’m excited to see how these perform on my skin and also if they will brighten and give me that youthful freshness as it’s stating.

I'm so excited to try Pixi Beauty, Have you tried them before?