When it comes to styling and outfits, what are some of the most important accessories in your collection? Perhaps you have a go-to bag that you’re never seen without, or maybe you have a hat that you wear with almost every outfit. For some people, that all-important accessory that they have to wear is a good pair of glasses. In many cases, it can be because they need to wear it for vision purposes. However, glasses are quickly becoming one of the most popular accessories to have because it can help frame your face. It can actually add a lot of style to existing outfits and can completely change your appearance if used correctly.

So in this post, we’re going to talk about some tips and tricks that will help you style glasses properly. After reading through this article, you’ll have an excellent idea of how to wear a pair of glasses with confidence and incorporate it into all of your outfits.

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Where should you buy glasses from?

First, make sure you know where to get glasses from. While most people would simply go to an optometrist, that’s usually what people with vision impairment do. Most other people would go to a website such as www.eyeglasses.com to browse glasses. You could also go into various high-end designer stores to look for specific pairs. If you need glasses for vision purposes then it’s often easier just to ask your optometrist for your prescription. This is usually listed on a letter that is sent to you after your eye exam. Using these numbers, you can buy a pair of glasses from anywhere and give them your prescription to ensure the lenses are suitable for your current level of vision.

Consider clear lenses if you aren’t vision-impaired

One of the biggest misconceptions about glasses is that you need to have some kind of vision impairment to wear them. While it’s true that most people that wear glasses do need them for vision purposes, you can actually get clear lenses that don’t change your vision. This isn’t as uncommon as you think and there are many people that get clear lenses when they want the styling benefits of glasses without having some kind of vision impairment. You can simply request the frames to be fitted with clear lenses. There is usually some kind of option for this. It’s not a long or complicated process and is quite convenient.

Pairing glasses to your face shape

Picking the right pair of glasses involves analyzing your face shape and choosing something that compliments it. Square faces with strong features tend to fit better with rounded or oval-shaped glasses because it helps to contrast against your sharp features. This can help make your face look a bit longer or thinner if that’s the desired effect you’re going for. However, you can also go a step further and accentuate the shape of your face by getting a pair of glasses that matches your current face shape. For instance, if you have a round face and want to highlight this, you can pair it with oval glasses.

Have a collection of glasses

We also suggest having a collection of glasses. Most people own just a single pair of glasses, especially if they’re wearing them for vision purposes. However, having multiple pairs can add a bit more variation to your outfits and you can mix and match them. While glasses should be picked depending on your face shape, it’s often a good idea to have multiple pairs to create a different kind of look. It’s surprisingly handy to have multiple pairs of eyeglasses and something we can highly recommend if you consider them a fashion accessory.

Too much visual interest on your face can be bad

When wearing glasses, it creates a bit of visual interest on your face that can make your appearance more unique and personal. However, one of the mistakes people make is having too much to look at on your face. If you mix glasses with long dangling earrings and multiple piercings, it can create a rather unbalanced look. What you want to go for is a subtle look to pair with your glasses. This means keeping your earrings minimal and preferably removing any piercings. The exception here is if the colour of your jewellery and accessories actually match your glasses. This creates a bit more balance and doesn’t detract from the beauty and style of your glasses.

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