Brand - EyesLipsFace
Category - Nails/Nail Polish
Name - Innocent
I've been on the look out for a pure nude polish for my nails and toe nails for ages! And im glad to say i found it and its cheap too!
I was shopping on E.L.F.'s Website and for £1 how could i not resist.
I must say dealing with security tags,scissors ,clothes, hangers, boxes and all sorts at work, it started to chip after 2 days but stayed intact for another day before the actually chipping started! For the price it was definitely worth it!
On a side note i purchased Desert Haze and Lilac.. but ive got my eye on the new shades that include :
Teal Blue, Mango Madness and Passion Pink very spring/summery colours!

What are you're thoughts on E.L.F's Nail Polishes??
 Love, Stefy