Venture Beauty Wednesday   

Every Week on Wednesday, i'll be giving you tips, ideas, how to's and so much more. This will be a post dedicated to little bits and bobs you learn through out makeup artistry and I would like to share them with my readers. We are venturing through beauty and i'm feeding it to YOU. x

#3 Fashion Beauty Books:

Books, people write and share all their thoughts and plot them all into a book for all us readers to read and follow.

You learn a lot from others through books, blogs well anything really.

Like an example, i've always loved Lauren Conrad's style, i love her hair ideas, simple yet sophisticated makeup her fashion sense and clothing line.

Reading how to's and how to create your own style helps you yourself learn what style you have and what creates your personality and style.

If there is a hair style, makeup look you are looking for look for inspiration from books, tv or magazines and create your go on it.

Remember, be unique be yourself follow trends but with a twist of your personality.

Question for my readers:
Do you follow Fashion/ Beauty trends?