I slowly have been obsessing over stationary, home decor and anything fun and cute. I thought I'd share with you my newest obsession - POSTCARDS. I have been seeing how many others have used these are mood boards, expressing how they are currently feeling, inspiration and even popping them into frames as decor.

I have yet to write a proper post about Sprinkle Paper but that will be up shortly, but to sum it all up, it's my little side project and online shop where I can off-load and put all my ideas out-there. I love creating things and getting my "hands dirty" and so till now you will find soy wax melts available in multiple scents and also some greeting cards and my newest addition will be these postcards.

I love creating and designing but I have been seeing such amazing inspiration quotes, pictures and all sorts and thought it would be a great idea to print them out and have a physical copy to always look at. Sometimes we all need some inspiration from pictures or to get us through a tough time.

I plan to have some of these framed and have them around my house for inspiration. Just in case anyone was interested in having their own Custom Postcard, I can offer this service too (I love helping others), Pop us an email and send me your image. 

What inspires you?