Time is racing past & if you don't plan ahead, time will pass you by.

I'm not going to lie,
I have neglected my blog for a couple of years and have always thought to bounce back into the blogging world but never planned it right. It's all started the week I decided to come back home to Malta after living abroad for almost 3 years.

I had my own routine, videos scheduled for certain days - amazing lighting for photos in front of my old windows. But since I have been back home - let's face it, life gets the better of you. I have a new relationship, I work a 9-5 Full Time Job and so on and forth.

The time i once had for filming & blogging disappeared once I reunited with my family and friends and not being away from them took a toll on my creative channels. But I have been doing some thinking and at 25 years old - I have a plan up until im 30! - No Joke ( I do! ) 

I know what's happening each and every year until I'm 30, it's exciting & scary but I have a huge support system behind me and there's so much to do that I just had to plan everything and planning equals Organisation at it's very best with Journals, Planners and loads of notes, writing and countless To Do Lists in every bag I use.

This is where Blogging & Wanting to bring back Content to all my Platforms, with a schedule and a planner, I wanted my old writing pad back - it's something I have missed and something I still look for when passing time.

So, if you are an old reader of mine or new, My goals are simple - I want to post something everyday apart from Sunday. Sunday is the only full day I get to spend with my other half, and this is the day if I want to create any Outfit Posts - it will be the day I take most of them. All Posts or videos will be posted at 8am sharp, If it's a video - the video will go live on my YouTube Channel & a Blog Post will be up as well at the same time with an embedded video. So You will find something every single day that you will be able to check back. 

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