That one foundation that has been in my grandmother, mother and sister's makeup bag but I never properly tried it myself till recently and just wait and see what I say about it!

If you have
followed me on my social medias or YouTube Channel, you know I have worked for Max Factor as it was my full time job whilst I was in the UK. I pretty much tried nearly every product but this was always the product that used to sell like hot cakes but I only ever bought it for family and hardly ever used it for myself until recently.

I recently got given a new compact in the shade Golden from the lovely people here at Max Factor Malta and I have always left it in my drawers and never really touched it. I started moving my makeup around every fortnight to change up my makeup and make the most of the makeup I do own which has helped me stay away from buying unnecessary makeup but only the necessities.

This is where this little gem came to play. I decided to try this and wear it for work or for little errands on days off and swap out my liquid foundation and cream concealer and go more of a natural look and boy was I surprised the coverage it gave.  In my opinion it's a medium powder that covers quite well - I do have some mild rosacea which does come out to play on my skin sometimes and it does peak through a little bit but it isn't so overpowering.

There are some cons on this power foundation which I also want to advise on, If you are putting moisturiser on - make sure to wait until it dries before applying this foundation on top. I was a little bit rushed and didn't give it time to try and ended up with a patchy application all oxidised on my skin and had to remove it all in a matter of seconds. Another con is that it does not last as long as a normal foundation. Depending on how heavy handed you are, this can hit pan within 2-3 weeks. Now I understand why so many ladies would stock up on this in the 3 for 2 offer at Boots!

I have a quick demo of this compact foundation in the works, so keep an eye out for this bonus video which will be up on my channel in the coming week.

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