An Eyebrow Gel that changed my eyebrow game - like literally!

Okay, INGLOT Cosmetics may not
be very well know to everyone in the makeup industry but it should be right near MAC Cosmetics and in some cases it's cheaper and more pigmented if we are talking about their eyeshadows and powder products.

But Today I wanted to quickly talk about their AMC Brow Liner Gel. These some in small tubs of 2g, you don't get alot of product but as it says on the back its only good for 9 months of use. I'm on my second tub of this and as you can see i'm nearly at the bottom but I still have at least 2-3 months left of use for sure if not a little bit more. I can say it can last anywhere between 4-6 months.

I have the second lightest shade no.12 in the 12 shade collection. It glides on and adheres to the skin & eyebrow hairs. It doesn't budge which is obviously a good point I had to mention. The price is actually reasonable at €16. 

I use their Makeup Brush 31T which I think works perfect with my eyebrows, whenever you see a picture of me, my eyebrows have only this product. This is probably my HG Eyebrow product at the moment and haven't found a better one yet. With Inglot, you have variety and many shades and colours to choose from.

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