Protecting your phone from any accidents has become more and more normal these days due to the price of mobile phones. EGOSketch offer custom phone cases for many phones available!

I've had my Iphone 7 Plus, probably about 2 weeks now and my first reaction was I need a phone case! EGOSketch reached out to me to offer just that - Offering cases in many styles and for many different phones around.

Services: Custom Personalised Phone Cases and Also for Ipads!
Iphone 7 Plus Category: EGOSketch Iphone 7 Plus Phone Cases
Shipping: Free Shipping WORLDWIDE

I went for a Personalised iPhone 7 Plus Wallet case (fully printed) £19.95, which is actually my first ever wallet case as I normally go for your basic case. Somehow I wanted to fully protect my phone from any damages and like how the wallet case come with 3 pockets for credit cards, money and everything.

When it came to personalising it, I didn't want just a any design as to me I wanted more of a sentimental item that I can put away and keep if i ever stopped using it hence why I chose 4 pictures with Ryan that we both love. I could of easily designed a Marble Case with lettering but I knew I would eventually get bored of it.

The process of designing the cases is pretty straight forward and easy to do, Once done - You get a confirmation code and gets dispatched in around 2-3 days in my case. Phone arrived from the UK within 4 -5 working days.

Overall, The case is lovely - Only downfall is that inside is white and you cannot change that which means dirt will show up very easily I wish there was an option to change the inside but there wasn't.
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