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Parenting a teenager can feel like hard work sometimes. This is a time where they are striving for independence and figuring out their place in the world. But you can make this a little easier for them and provide them with a comfortable space to call their own by revamping their bedroom. Here are some tips that can help you to get this project started out on the right foot!


The first request you might begin to hear from your teen regarding their room is decoration. We often decorate children’s bedrooms in a way to reflect their age and interests. This can mean bright and bold colours paired with wall stickers or wall decals. Of course, your kids will eventually grow out of these. By the time they hit their teen years, you may want to consider redecorating to bring their space up to date. Give them some choice in this. Browse colour swatches and settle on a colour together. You can call in a professional to get the job done quickly and to a high standard, or you can try taking a DIY approach.

Transitioning to a Double Bed

As your teen grows, they may begin to find a single bed, which we so often choose for children, isn’t quite accommodating them anymore. Give them the opportunity to stretch out and sleep comfortably by upgrading their single bed to a double bed. Sure, this may be a relatively costly upgrade, but it can make a huge difference. Plus, it’s recommended that you change a mattress once every eight years, so by the time your kid hits sixteen, it’s time for a mattress replacement anyway.

Individual Additions

Of course, your teen will likely have their own, individual, niche interests. It’s a good idea to try to accommodate for these in their room design. If your kid likes gaming, why not consider gaming beds or another form of gaming setup, such as a gaming desk and chair. If they like pottery, you could add their own wheel to their space. If they like reading, something as simple as a reading lamp attached to their headboard could be highly appreciated. If they like painting, an easel. Small additions that are truly unique to your child can help them to feel comfortable in their space and will make the space more functional for them.


Sometimes, the biggest and most appreciated change you can make to your teen’s room doesn’t cost anything. This is privacy. Sure, we may be used to barging into our kids’ space when they are young, but teens often seek more privacy, with their room being the space that they can call their own. Make sure to knock before entering your teen’s room. This will give them a sense of comfort in their space and some control over their living circumstances.

As you can see, a little thought and investment can go a long way when it comes to revamping your teen’s bedroom. Each of the suggestions above could go a long way to making the space more appropriate for them, as well as ensuring that they feel comfortable and appreciated.