Why hello everyone! I am truly sorry I haven't been around for a couple of days! It has been a hectic couple of days. As some of you may or may not know I have moved out of my parents place in Malta and have travelled to the UK on a permanent basis. (jumping up and down) I am finally settled into my cute little house in this lovely area surrounded by Sun (which i am happy to have seen) lovely brands that I love, IKEA that took a good chunk of my money cause of their fabulous furniture and a new start in life.

I have pretty much ruined my feet with all the walking and all that I am blistered all over unfortunately and just to put a smile on this tiny little face of mine. I saw these little sneaks just looking at me in the shop window, I had been eyeing them for quite awhile since alot of other bloggers have been sporting them with dresses and sorts. 

I went for the classic Converse All Star Oxford White fabric £45 and I surprisingly fit into a size 5 which is a European 37.5 (I am actually a 39) So kudos for trying them on in store cause the size 6 would of been huge! I have been eyeing them for quite awhile and seeing others sport them on nearly anything even dresses! So all smiles for now as I get back to getting used to having my own space and all!
Excuse the no-makeup but It indeed was a very long day and you even get a sneak peak of the living room which is not all done yet! Still have some bits and bobs to wait for especially my bloggers desk but i've got my Alex 9 Drawers set up nicely and have already filled most of the drawers which is quite shocking!